A Masterclass in Conversation

Join us October 29th at 12:30 PM EDT for a live online conversation with Russ Roberts

Think back to the last conversation you had with someone who was really, deeply interested in what you had to say. It probably felt very good to have someone genuinely care about your thoughts and ideas, to take the time to dig in deeper and try to understand you. The best conversations, where we learn something and leave feeling uplifted and inspired all share one important element, curiosity.

And no one understands that better than Russ Roberts, the host of the popular podcast EconTalk. Russ has spent hundreds of episodes using his natural curiosity and training as a teacher and economist to engage in curious conversations with guests with different backgrounds, political philosophies, and expertise.

He’s learned a lot from these conversations, and next week we’re lucky enough to sit down virtually with Russ and have him share some of those insights with us. We hope you’ll sign up and join the conversation.

Engaging in curious conversations, like Russ does on a regular basis, is an inherently optimistic act. Baked into curiosity is hope — hope that understanding can be reached, that solutions can be found, and conversation might hold the key.

We’ve asked Russ to share with us the ingredients to a curious conversation and what he’s learned from these guests that can inspire us to meet the challenges of 2020 and beyond with hope.

Sign up to join us at 12:30 PM EDT on October 29th for an hour of curious conversation. You won’t want to miss it.