May 14, 2020


Over a month into widespread shutdowns and it’s hard to say how close we are to a vaccine, widely available accurate testing, or drugs to aid in the treatment of COVID-19. Even as some states begin to reopen, the fear of reinfection could keep much of the economy at a standstill. But does it have to?

Join us for a Zoom conversation with Avik Roy, health policy expert and President of the Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity about his proposal to get businesses up and running safely, even during a pandemic.

Questions we’ll discuss:

Where are we seeing success in maintaining public health and economic health? What can we learn from them?

How difficult will it be to achieve the medical breakthroughs we need to beat COVID-19?

How do we safely protect the most vulnerable members of our communities?

What sort of help should businesses reasonably expect of government in a pandemic?