Credible news can inform individuals and help bring communities together. But faith in the media is at one of the lowest levels of all time. The Factual is doing something about it.

On this episode of the Civil Squared podcast, host Jennifer Thompson is joined by co-founder and CEO of The Factual, Arjun Moorthy, to discuss the topics of media bias, news outlet credibility ratings, and the overall crisis of confidence Americans are having with the institution of journalism.

From delivering papers as a young child to now being the co-founder and CEO of The Factual, Arjun has always been interested in the news and in helping people be informed. A computer engineer with an MBA from Stanford, he applied his technical skills and entrepreneurship to use machine learning to rate the news. The Factual assigns a credibility score to tens of thousands of articles analyzed every day. That score is based on site quality, the author’s expertise, quality and diversity of sources cited in the article, and the tone of the article.

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Arjun has always been passionate about news from when he was a paperboy in middle school through becoming editor-in-chief of The Stanford Reporter. Prior to The Factual, Arjun was VP of Business Development at HubSpot. Arjun holds a BASc in Computer Engineering from the University of Waterloo and an MBA from Stanford University. Outside of work Arjun slaves away for his children hoping they will be grateful one day.