What do you get when you bring together a bunch of conservatives and liberals with Justine Lee? Chopped carrots, massaged kale, mixed dressing, and new perspectives that can lead to more mutually beneficial solutions to society’s most pressing challenges.

If you want to be seen as a collaborative, thoughtful leader—whether in your community, in your job, or just your own home—you must be able to view issues and situations from other people’s perspectives. Once you’re able to do this, you will be able to find mutually beneficial solutions more easily.

On this episode of the Civil Squared Podcast, Justine Lee, executive director of Living Room Conversations, and co-creator of Make America Dinner Again, discusses her background, lessons learned, and tips to minimize the negative effects of political polarization.

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Show Notes:

Make America Dinner Again

Living Room Conversations including topics for discussion and ways to get involved.

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About our guest:

Justine Lee is the executive director of Living Room Conversations and co-creator of Make America Dinner Again. Her work is focused on building connections and understanding across differences and inspiring civic engagement through small group conversations. She is an experienced conversation host, event producer, and communications specialist. Justine began her career in public relations and has more than a decade of experience developing content strategies for creative firms, startups, and nonprofits. She is interested in climate and environmental justice, youth empowerment, and accessibility. Justine lives and works in NYC.