In our increasingly divided society, speaking your mind is costly. Saying what you think could cost you relationships, it could cause you to lose your reputation and the respect of your social circles, or your livelihood. It’s easy to see why many of us choose to keep our mouths shut, rather than risk spreading possibly controversial thoughts around. But what damage do we do to ourselves and to society when we make this a habit? 

Our guest on the podcast, Dr. Rishi Joshi talks to Jennifer Thompson about the risks of speaking your mind and why he believes you have a duty to do it anyway. This duty, Rishi argues, is for the good of your community, but also, more importantly, for yourself.   

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Show Notes:

Why It’s OK to Speak Your Mind – Hrishikesh Joshi 

John Stuart Mill 

“On Liberty” Chapter 2 – John Stuart Mill 

Chernobyl (HBO miniseries) 

Bay of Pigs 


Friedrich Nietzsche 

About our guest:

Rishi Joshi is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy at Bowling Green State University. Before that, he was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.  

His research focuses on normative issues at the intersection of philosophy, politics, and economics (PPE). He also works on meta-ethics and ethical theory. 

He completed my Ph.D. at Princeton under the supervision of Gideon Rosen, Michael Smith, and Philip Pettit.