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Short on time, improving what we do, and one question for you

Your time is scarce and so is mine. Lots of opportunities compete for our attention: family, work, and all the things we do to support both, like grocery shopping, laundry, buying school supplies, etc. On top of that, social media, entertainment, and advertisers all want to get our attention, too. 

Inspiration on your schedule

I know we’re competing with all of those things and asking for your already scarce time. Civil Squared has to give you something that provides value and offers you the content and the confidence to have more productive discussions about what matters to you.

You’re familiar with our weekly newsletter because, well, you’re reading it. But we also release new podcast episodes every other week so you can hear our conversations in the car, on the train, or while you’re exercising.  

The Civil Squared Podcast

Have you listened to the podcast? If so, we’re interested in knowing more about what you think. If not, we’d love to know more about your listening habits so we can tailor our content to your preferences. We love bringing you the podcast, but if you’re not listening, it’s not accomplishing our goal!

This week, I’d appreciate it if you’d answer just one question for me so we can do a better job of meeting your needs. You can find the survey below. Click directly on the answer that best corresponds to you. It’s that simple. 

Crime and police reform

We’ll be back next week with a regular newsletter on an issue that affects all of us: rising homicide rates. Can we address the increase in violent crime while we’re busy arguing about whether we should defund the police or back the blue? 

Until then, check out our current podcast episode with Justine Lee of Living Room Conversations and Make America Dinner Again. If anyone knows that taking the time to listen carefully can change your life, Justine certainly does!

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